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Hooks strangeness [SOLVED]

Ok, so I'm throwing together a quick and dirty stat counter to a site for a client. It all works beautifully on my testing server but doesn't do a thing on the production server!

Really starting to tear my hair out with this one any ideas?

The two systems are carbon copies of each other bar the values for $config['base_url'] and $config['log_path'] and the .htaccess files.

When I look in the logs I also see that the hooks class is initiated — in fact it's initiated regardless of whether $config['enable_hooks'] is TRUE or FALSE — but none of the additional classes are initiated by the code.

Any suggestions welcome as I'm really at a loose end.

I should add that I'm using the hook to load my own library at the 'post_system' stage, though I've tried at several others with no success either.

For some reason changing the library name from MY_stats.php to simply stats.php did the trick. This make no sense, but it worked.

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