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Dual Validation Message

Im still trying to get to grips with CI and the whole MVC concept, so please bare with me Smile

Im wishing to throw out two errors when a form is submitted, one will be a grouped overview of errors with a in-depth explanation of what has going wrong, which would be where i use;

But i would also like to hae some form of inline error highlighting be it a small * or even a bit of text stating "required" or "error"

Its at this point i get confused, how can i set two differnt validation errors for the same form field?

[eluser]Holger Lampe[/eluser]
You can also use the error messages like this:
<?php if ($this->validation->fieldname_error) : ?>
&lt;?php endif; ?&gt;

Yeah i thought of going down the route, wasn't 100% sure if it was best practise Big Grin

Thanks Holger!

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