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Is CodeIgniter dead?

[quote author="webbower" date="1249595626"]
I've used a couple web apps/frameworks that have ORM and IMHO it's the best thing in website coding since sliced bread. That's really the main reason I'd move to Kohana. I think if CI added ORM, I'd be happy since I spent all the time learning CI.

Also, there's nothing "wrong" with 1.7.1. I'm just waiting for any bugfixes or new features they might add.[/quote]

Does ORM need to be implemented within the framework itself? I mean, I've used Datamapper (and lately "DataMapper OverZealous Edition") libraries and they rock. At quick glance at Kohana's ORM documentation theres the same ideology and DMZ has even more options how to manipulate the objects.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Totally dead, don't bother. Never use it myself!

In my case I'm using CI precisely because it moves at a deliberate pace and has a broad base of supported platforms.

When I want bleeding edge and have control over the deployment environment I can use Ruby or Python (though keeping up with the latest and greatest technologies costs productivity).

But for my enterprise project I need something stable (even staid), ubiquitous and widely supported--and that's PHP 4-compatible CI with its documentation, community, and extensibility.

[eluser]Johan André[/eluser]
What's all the fuzz about ORM?
IMHO ORM should be customized based on the application to be as effective as possible.
Learn how to use SQL and you solve most stuff...

The problem (probably when Ruby on Rails got well-known) is that developers expect the framework to do all the stuff for them. While this seems nice on the surface, it's not always the best solution. Especially if you develop big sites with lots of traffic...

Look in the forums! CI has one of the best developer-communities on the web... It's not dead, it's growing day by day!

Damn, did I miss the funeral? *sigh*
Good bye old friend!

[quote author="Johan André" date="1249665664"]Look in the forums! CI has one of the best developer-communities on the web... It's not dead, it's growing day by day![/quote]

I've recently come aboard the CI train and both the thorough documentation and the forums to answer question and provide add-on code has been a big help in adopting it into my workflow over a highly regarded framework like Zend.

Ok Ok. I get it. I know some software has longer update cycles, but the CI core seemed to have gone stale. Every other Web App, Framework, and Library I use sees considerably more frequent updates even for minor updates. You have all quashed my doubt.

Note to the CI Development Team:
How about adding to CodeIgniter's front page News Section an update such as this:

CodeIgniter Version: SVN Revision: <?php echo $svn_revision ?>

Posted by The Development Team on <?php echo $svn_update ?>
edit: Just had a thought: You can even nick my avatar Smile

I've been using CI for 2 years, I started because of the buzz around RoR. I already used PHP a lot but loved the RoR framework. Now, CI does more for me to keep me coding PHP and the community is excellent. I feel like it's a solid environment that I can recommend to coders that refuse to use frameworks (I used to be of them) because I'm so confident it increases productivity and removes the pain of writing PHP.

And if you don't like something about CI, extend it, share it.

Edit: Just realised it's 2 days until I've been a forum member for 2 years! I'm sorry for only posting 32 times, when I'm here I do try and help.

I run JohnnyTwoShoes 100% on CI

damn, i need a tuxedo for this sad event. I find CI a very reliable framework. very neat and well documented(inside and outside of the source code).

I was planning to move to kohana but thanks to their bad documentation it didn't happen. One thing that worried me about kohana was that some core aspects were changed over time which is not something i like to deal with.

For most part, and as my old boss used to say, if it works nice, you have no problem with it then why bother with upgrades?

Even if CI is not updated for a few years, as long as there is nothing easier than CI and there it be compatible with future versions of PHP then I see no reason why not use it.

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