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Is CodeIgniter dead?

[quote author="cahva" date="1249664896"][quote author="webbower" date="1249595626"]
I've used a couple web apps/frameworks that have ORM and IMHO it's the best thing in website coding since sliced bread. That's really the main reason I'd move to Kohana. I think if CI added ORM, I'd be happy since I spent all the time learning CI.

Also, there's nothing "wrong" with 1.7.1. I'm just waiting for any bugfixes or new features they might add.[/quote]

Does ORM need to be implemented within the framework itself? I mean, I've used Datamapper (and lately "DataMapper OverZealous Edition") libraries and they rock. At quick glance at Kohana's ORM documentation theres the same ideology and DMZ has even more options how to manipulate the objects.[/quote]

ORM in Kohana 2.x and 3.x are modules. If given a choice I use Kohana. Kohana's forums are extremely active. It's never taken more than a couple hours to get a response. The documentation is straightforward and easy to read.

You guys should give Kohana 3 a look when it is released. It is completely HMVC integrated, and ideologically very impressive. CI made an attempt at HMVC with a module, but IMHO something that Core to the system needs to be implemented at the system level.

Last to me you can't really compare CI and Kohana because from my point of view the focuses are different(hence the fork a while back). Kohana is focused on best practices, sacrificing backwards compatibility, while CI is focused on being developer friendly, sacrificing best practices. Neither is wrong, just different approaches.

I made a switch from CI to Kohana. Kohana used to have bad docs and forum activity, but this has changed.

Reason for switching is simply because of the real PHP5 support. By the way, can anyone tell me why CI still supports PHP4, PHP4 that is no longer supported by PHP. PHP4 that is just bad comparing to PHP5. Move on already!! Oh well..
Kohana is just written much better..

Plus I don't like that CI is at dead end right now because the people in charge are focusing on other application. Once they finish with that, they will be back to work on CI until next time.. It's not like its perfect.. Some nasty bugs..

Don't get it why people are saying Kohana is harder to use.. It's almost the same except that Kohana is pure PHP5. Maybe that's the problem and people not understanding OOP..

[eluser]Derek Allard[/eluser]
Thanks for your input CrustyDOD. The PHP 4 question has been asked and answered dozens of times, I invite you to search for it.

The original question has been answered, and I want to keep the CodeIgniter forums focused on CodeIgniter, so I'm closing this thread. Thanks everyone for your input.

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