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need help with table class

If the following doesn't help, give me var_dump of one of your rows.

You said that it was SYSTEM that was one of RG, NET, EXCH, yes?

Did you want the whole row, or just one element? If it's the row, we'll need to move your CSS and the class= stuff here to the < tr >

But this might be enough to get you going. Instead of what you have now:
<td class="RG">&lt;?=$row['TAPESYSTEM']?&gt;</td>

.. try this:

echo "<td class=\"" . $row['TAPESYSTEM'] ."\">". $row['TAPESYSTEM'] ."</td>";

(I really hate shuffling in and out of PHP / HTML all the time, and usually write the kind of block you posted in PHP entirely - lots of echos, but it means I can better indent things (so I can identify loops etc) and consequently I find it faster to re-visit. I also recommend you avoid the short-tags for PHP, but again this is your call.

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