WYSIWYG + Uploading special charakters into database (solved)

[quote author="sl3dg3hamm3r" date="1250858240"]Where do actually the special characters disappear? Do they make it into the DB? I remember once having problems when I set everything to utf-8 (html-encoding, DB), but the php-files weren't saved utf-8 encoded (by default, my editor was set to iso-latin). Took me quite a while to figure out.

I would check the setting of your editor as well...[/quote]

uhm.. the problem was in the insert function. Not the files or the database, they where all correct (had the correct setting).

But the insert function could complete the insert when it encountered a special character. But it's now working.
By using ascii_to_entities the special codes are put into entities the insert function understands and can upload.

So this problem is solved.

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