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Error Mesage from oci8 ocifetchinto()

Quote:Severity: Warning

Message: ocifetchinto() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given

Filename: oci8/oci8_result.php

Line Number: 159

I get this message while doing this with the DB-Driver oci8:


    $query = $this->db->get();
    $array = $query->result_array();

I get all the results correctly out of the database, but also i this this error message. What's wrong here?

btwe.: i'm around here some time now and i like CI more and more. I use CI for my home pleasure with mysql (with works great) but now i have to use it for work and the oracle driver (with makes some problems). Please help me otherwise i'm forced to use PERL for web programming and that sucks Wink.

Thank you!

You might want to check to see if that db driver is supported. I'm not sure where to check though Sad

In the database.php oci8 is not listed as supported driver, but the driver is shipped with the official release of CI and a lot of people here using this.

No one knows about this db-driver?

I think it's only about initializing a variable/object but i don't know how ...

Hi there, I have simmilar problems with oci8 and it seems the reason is in CI library, because I can read from db directly using oci8 php functions. Anyway I am thinking on writing the library from scratch.

Yes, i wrote a small, ugly helper to be able to work with oracle. It's not worth to show here but i use the original oracle functions from php itself and it works.

There must be some uninitialized value. Sadly I'm still not so familiar with all this to (re)write/update the library myself.

I am seeing this as well with Code Igniter 1.5.4. This is strange as I didn't get this error with versions of CI before 1.5.

I am also having a similar problem with that. I think that the problem is in the oci8_result.php. Is there a way you can help me with that?

Move the line of code that reads “$RES->num_rows = $RES->num_rows();” below the if block in system/database/DB_driver.php. It is around line 325.

$driver = $this->load_rdriver();
$RES = new $driver();
$RES->conn_id = $this->conn_id;
$RES->result_id = $this->result_id;

if ($this->dbdriver == ‘oci8’)
$RES->stmt_id = $this->stmt_id;
$RES->curs_id = NULL;
$RES->limit_used = $this->limit_used;

$RES->num_rows = $RES->num_rows();

thanks. You have helped me a lot...

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