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about PDO

do somebody making something to add some PDO libraries to the drivers?
please, if somebody is interesting in this idea, contact me at [email protected]
better in spanish, ok??

Dready made one PDO driver for Sqlite. You need to do a search on the forums for 'dready pdo' and you should get about four hits where the driver is discussed. You might be able to use it as the basis for writing more drivers.

[eluser]Adam Balachowski[/eluser]
I use these:


Quote:OpenExpedio is my name for open eXtensions to PDO. It's a light-weight ORB library that works on PHP 4 and 5, and takes advantage of the newly adopted standard for database persistence in PHP 5.1+, PDO.

i download http://xpdo.org/download-alpha.html&d=xp...-16.tar.gz
and i think this package is too "alpha", transactions functions are not defined yet.

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