Has anyone ever used the Google Apps API with CI

Hi folks!

I've got this great idea. I recommend most of my customers Google Apps over their 'regular' email service on their web server, since it eats storage space when it's being used by more then 10 uses.

Now, I think it would be great to integrate google apps api into my app, in a way that:
- when a user logs in to my app, the user is also logged in to mail, agenda, etcetera. (no 2 login pages, that's just another roadbump)
- when a user changes it's password (or profile data for that matter) in my app, it get's changed in google apps
- when a user changes it's password or profile on google apps admin page, my app detects that and syncs.
- whne I create a user in google apps, the user is able to login to my application
- when I create a user from my app, their's also an account created in google apps.
- for the last to work: the app must be able to check if an user name is not in use in google apps (wouldn't be the most difficult, if not possible with the api, since you can assume that the cms db is in sync with the apps db)

sounds great, doesn't it? Only one thing, I've got like ZERO experience with that horrible GDATA api from google, and I hate it's documentation (it's unclear and doesn't really has good examples)

I'd love to write a library for it, and post it here. BUT I don't want to spent hours and hours finding out how to use the google data api, if I don't need to. So, my question is: is there anyone who has done a little adventure in this direction? Maybe just with loggin into the google api, would be a great place to get started.

Any help is appriciated!

Thanks fellows!

Btw, found some extra documentation at http://code.google.com/intl/nl/apis/apps...tocol.html but it's hard to code it from scratch. Does anyone have a lib for the Clientlogin api?

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