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Multiple Applications

Is it possible to have multiple applications in one CI project? Is it just a matter of making a fresh copy of the /application/ directory and putting it under /system/ directory??

Are there any pros and cons to having multiple applications under one CI project? Am I better off just have 2 separate projects all together?

Check out this link:



I did. And?

[eluser]Johan André[/eluser]
John, your site does not make alot of sense. Alot of links are broken and there are error messages all over...

Also, it doesn't answer my question. Are they multiple apps? If so, how did you do it? Should I do it? Pros and cons?

[quote author="CodeIgniterNewbie" date="1265573822"]I did. And?[/quote]


Did you follow the above link to the thread about the web page? The thread details how to run multiple applications from a single CodeIgniter application. The links which are not in red are on my localhost.


[quote author="Johan André" date="1265575208"]John, your site does not make alot of sense. Alot of links are broken and there are error messages all over...[/quote]


The web-page was originally created 23 August 2007 11:40 PM according to the above thread.

As far as the broken links are concerned there is a note at the top of the page to say that only the links in red are valid online, the other links only work on my localhost.

I have re-cololured the two broken links which were ee-core and test. The page is now valid.

Its simple.

Take the application folder out of system folder. So your structure will look like:

Now, index.php links directly to your application folder, in case of multiple applications under one framework, you should:
1. Copy application folder, rename it to whatever you want.
2. Copy index.php file, rename it to newapp.php - this is the file that will act like index.php in a standard CI Application.
3. in the newapp.php edit the application folder details.

That's it.

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