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Rating or Voting without registration

Hi everyone! First fo all,sorry my bad english.

So question is

I need to implement Voting(or View counter) system. I 'm using Codeigniter in my project.

And now i thinking of using best if it possible approaches to do that with session or cookie. do vote can every visitor (i.e. without



1)Create unique cookie for every page with rating for, set unique name based on voting entity(post, article, so on) or same name

but prefix when i set cookie will be match uri of that entity, follow this i create many cookies per entity

2)Save information about user voting in session data in DB session table like set_userdata('rating',... mb array of voting object or similar), but i am worry about next, except all user who can voting i have users which can auth on a site. And if they do vote and then click logout, they lost all voting data and when login again they can vote next time

Naturally, i can't get unique rating with users who not auth on site system, but what is the neat to do this future.
So what you guys advice to me? How about best practice to solve this issue? I need just advices, plz help

Thanks for future answers

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Its never easy to have open voting...
One of the best way is to restrict voters by Ip x Day x Item..
but its not an option if you often have multiple users per 1 ip..

P.S. Cookies are not solution... all cheaters know incognito mode of browsers Wink.. same is the session as its related to a cookie.
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As "sv3til0" described, an open voting is always a problem. You have no control about the user, as you have by a registered voting or an voting with email activation (send an email to confirm the voting).

Prevent the voting by a cookie is useless. You can restrict it by ip blocking but if different users use the same network router etc.

What you maybe can do, is to allow a maxium amount of votes from the same IP per time (minute, hour, etc) or in complete limit the number of votes.

What you can do with cookies is to set the date and check the database to clean duplicate cookie content (maybe in combination with the user ip).

And you can restrict your voting by using a captcha ...

But the best and only way for clean data is user login.


Many thanks guys! Yeah, i am very agree that without tie to user ID there is no chance to avoid dublicate votes.

So only solution like you sad.And I am very thankful for your answers!

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