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how ican seperate thecategories of my forum


and embed em into divs jst like the codeignitore forum
cus me thats what i've

//start forums_div
echo '<div id="forums_div">  
      <table id="table_forums">
        <th class="tete">Nom forum</th>
        <th class="tete"> Discussion</th>
        <th class="tete"> Messages </th>
        <th class="tete">Dernier message</th>
         </tr>' ;
foreach($r as $l){

echo  '<tr>';
echo  '<td>'. anchor('forum/viewthreads/'. $l['forum_id'] ,$l['forum_name']) .'<br> ';
echo  $l['forum_desc'].'</td> ' ;
echo  '<td class="case">'  . $l['NbrDiscussion'] .'</td>'  ;
echo  '<td class="case">'  . $l['NbrMessage']    .'</td>'  ;
echo  '<td class="case">'  .$l['post_title'] .'<br>'.$l['reply_by'] .
.unix_to_human($l['post_date']) .'/td>'  ;
echo  '</tr>' ;

echo  '</table>';   //fin table de forum
echo     '</div>'  ;  //fin forums div

like in this forum forum lounge has ==> introduce yourself ...
development has ==>programin discussion

i hop its clear


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