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How do you make pagination with search, sort by, order by and limit work?


I'm basically just looking for some tips on how to deal with pagination, the best way to do it...

Right now I got this URL:

This page is supposed to display a list of all users. I need the following:
- Search for username ($_GET search)
- Sort by ID, Username, Email, Country, etc. Both ASC and DESC
- Option to change amount of users displayed per page

This works fine:

I also added support for sort by and order by, which looks like this:
Now, is it so, that I really need to do this:

to search for user john?

Is it possible to just go
and then later do the sort by, order by and limit?

I know this is possible with $_GET however when turning that on I get

Quote:An Error Was Encountered

The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.

All this just seems rather confusing and not very user friendly? Then maybe there is something I didn't know? What is best practise? How do YOU deal with pagination?

Thanks! Smile

I would honestly set up a custom route in your config/routes.php file that sends certain kinds of search queries to certain kinds of controllers so you can control exactly how the data goes through your system.

I don't have a searching method, but I did build a documents library for my company and this is how I handled all the different things (including pages, ASC/DESC, and sort by/order by. This is an example of my routes file:
$route['documents/case-studies'] = 'documents/casestudies/index/all/0/last_modified/DESC';
$route['documents/case-studies/(:any)/(:num)/(:any)/(:any)'] = "documents/casestudies/index/$1/$2/$3/$4";
$route['documents/case-studies/fiber-driver'] = "documents/casestudies/index/fiber-driver/0/last_modified/DESC";
$route['documents/case-studies/lambda-driver'] = "documents/casestudies/index/lambda-driver/0/last_modified/DESC";
$route['documents/case-studies/lx-series'] = "documents/casestudies/index/lx-series/0/last_modified/DESC";
$route['documents/case-studies/media-cross-connect'] = "documents/casestudies/index/media-cross-connect/0/last_modified/DESC";
$route['documents/case-studies/pluggables'] = "documents/casestudies/index/pluggables/0/last_modified/DESC";
$route['documents/case-studies/optiswitch'] = "documents/casestudies/index/optiswitch/0/last_modified/DESC";
$route['documents/case-studies/optiswitch-mr'] = "documents/casestudies/index/optiswitch-mr/0/last_modified/DESC";
$route['documents/case-studies/terescope'] = "documents/casestudies/index/terescope/0/last_modified/DESC";
$route['documents/case-studies/service'] = "documents/casestudies/index/service/0/last_modified/DESC";
$route['documents/case-studies/management'] = "documents/casestudies/index/management/0/last_modified/DESC";

As far as pagination goes, I actually had to modify the stock Pagination library that came with CI in order to include how the user is sorting, and by what they are sorting. Sample function:
function browse($family, $offset, $sortby, $sorthow)
$data['sorthow'] = ( $sorthow == "ASC" ) ? "DESC" : "ASC";
$data['offset'] = $offset;
$data['sortby'] = $sortby;
$docs = $this->docs->getDocuments('application-notes', $family, $this->num, $offset, $sortby, $sorthow);

//the following variables pertain to columns in the table, the headers, that the user can click on to change the sort:
$data['sort1url'] = $this->config->item('base_url').'documents/application-notes/'.$family.'/'.$offset.'/title/'.$data['sorthow'];
        $data['sort2url'] = $this->config->item('base_url').'documents/application-notes/'.$family.'/'.$offset.'/content_type/'.$data['sorthow'];
        $data['sort3url'] = $this->config->item('base_url').'documents/application-notes/'.$family.'/'.$offset.'/last_modified/'.$data['sorthow'];
//sorting by content type, title, and when the entry was last modified

//and finally set up the pagination
$config['uri_segment'] = 4; //I've made my program so that I always know the pagination segment will be 5
$config['base_url'] = $this->config->item('base_url').'documents/application-notes/'.$family;
$config['total_rows'] = count($this->docs->getTotalDocuments('application-notes', $family));
$config['per_page'] = $this->config->item('per_page_count');
$data['pages'] = $this->pagination->create_links('/'.$sortby.'/'.$sorthow); //I'm passing in my $sortby and $sorthow to the Pagination class so those values can be added to the paging numbers by the Pagination library

Now, I understand this has nothing to do with searching - but I think you're on the right path and I hope what I've posted can give you some ideas or inspiration on where to go.

I see you got the error regarding the disallowed characters - another option is to temporarily store the search term in a hash string and use that

Check this for pagination and sort:


and this for search:


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