Debating wether to use CI for a web app

Hi Everyone,

I'm thinking of using CI for a web app I'm developing but from my limited knowledge of the way MVC frameworks work I'm wondering if its possible or not.

Basically it will be a one page site/app that has 6 pods/sections on the page that each call different PHP scripts and will be updated via AJAX. One example is a pod that displays twitter feeds.

The way i would go about making each of these pods is to create a separate class for each one, that's the way i understand MVC, please correct me if any of this is wrong. Obviously doing it this way means I can't get each one of those classes to call a view on the homepage at the same time as running/calling multiple classes is against the way MVC works - or so I have read.

So i don't really know whether CI is the way to go or how I would go about doing it?

Any advice is most appreciated.



Don't let things like MVC scare you off. They are there to make your life easier.

Download CI, browse through the manual to get an idea of how it works, and check out the Welcome controller.

If you're capable of writing PHP apps from scratch, CI is a walk in the park, and allows you to work on the fun stuff (your app) instead of working on all the housekeeping...

WanWizard is right, I looked at most of the popular frameworks before, and found CI the easiest to learn. It was a pretty natural process to pickup. They some of the best docs, and active boards around here.

You'll find that you probably won't need separate controllers for what your are doing. Controllers aren't like pages like you would think with plain .php/.html files. They really can do anything. They are the boss that direct traffic. There are some [url=""]good visuals in the user guide[/url]. I will typically place any similar type of functions/requests into the same controller.

Pages Controller - adds, edits, deletes, publish/display html content (CMS).
User Controller - login, logout, register, reset password, profile
Cart Controller - view, update, checkout products

Thanks for the advice guys.

Yeah i think its a great framework as im an Expressionengine user so wanted to delve deeper to what drives that as well.

I guess it will just take a bit of lateral thinking on how im going to plan the app out etc.

Thanks again.

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