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friendly urls? how to

i've been handed a completed site that the client now wants to
1. make the url's friendly
right now i have: http://www.example.com/user/products/ContainersCat/1
buth they want http://www.example.com/user/products/boxes/metal

Can someone push me in the right direction on what i need to do here? ps. i have no idea what version of codeigniter this site was built on .


check http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-gui...llers.html

[eluser]Ngua Go[/eluser]
What's metal and cardboard?
is products's Alias ?
if alias then query with alias (not with ID)

i'm not understanding where the url is being generated from i think is what my major problem is. Do i need to change something in the database or some php code? if the code, then where? in the product.php controller?

in products.php i have this to start

class Products extends Controller{

function Products(){
blah blah blah

do i need another function like
function boxes()
all my boxes stuff;

am i headed in the right direction?

If u want to change this url "http://www.example.com/user/products/ContainersCat/1" to like this... "http://www.example.com/user/products/boxes/metal"

then u've to check... from where & how those parameters(ContainersCat & 1)are generating. Accordingly after that u can replace those parameters by new one(boxes/metal)...

A huge help when it comes to modifing your URLs


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