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Two applications sharing the same layout (already programmed). Help!

Hello everyone!

I really need your help, guys.
First of all, this is my Code Igniter structure:

- CodeIgnter_1.7.2
- system

- Intranet
- application

- Whatever
- application

"Intranet" is the main application and "Whatever" is one of the applications that will be called from the "Intranet". Both shares the same Code Igniter´s system folder.

The layout used by "Intranet" consists of a header, a "content" area and a footer. Here it is:

      <div id="header">
         <div id="menu"></div>
      <div id="content">{content}</div>
      <div id="footer"></div>

The thing is, "Whatever" must use the same layout as "Intranet" which already ha everything programmed like menu, sessions, etc. However, we don´t want to use frames.

How can I do this?
I thought that maybe I could use a socket connection on "Whatever" application to get the "Intranet" layout already programmed but I don´t know if this is the best approach.

Any thoughts?


Anyone, please?


Could you make your views folder in "Whatever" be a symlink to the views folder in "Intranet"? If so, you can load views from "Intranet" in your "Whatever" project like any other view.

Try playing with $this->load->_ci_view_path. With this you could make your two apps fetch the layout from the same folder

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