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Rewriting arguments in htaccess

Hi all,

I succesfully managed to remove index.php, and my next challenge are arguments in a PHP url.

This is what happens now:

about.php is rewritten to home/about using htaccess rewrite rules.

What I want now is the following:

about.php?herp to home/about/herp

I know that a simple Rewrile rule wont do it since the arguments are not passed. I heard something about rewriteCond but I dont see how this is applied exactly...

Thanks a bunch

CI doesn't use the query string in the default setup, you have to pass arguments to your controller method via URI segments:
http://www.example.org/controller/methods/arg1/arg2 or http://www.example.org/controller/method...ar2/value2

See the section on the URI class in the user guide.

I know that, that is exactly why I am trying to rewrite urls with ?arg arguments to the /args equivalent in codeigniter using apache rules

I would check out URI Routing as well if not instead of the URI Class.

It'll allow you more control on what and where you pass URL variables.

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