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Two controller for one view

how to write two controller for a single view is that possible if it possible pls giv me some examples.......

as in CI one controller is called at a time and you can call view for controller two controller for example you have called page controller you can just simply load the view


later you called


now you have called gallery controller now you can call you view here also

I think you misunderstood jis' question, umefarooq.

However jis, like umefarooq said: CI calls one controller at a time. Therefore it is (with Vanilla CI, afaik) impossible to use two controllers to manage one view.

I would suggest placing the functionality you need from the two controllers into a library or helpers.

ok thank you guys..as i said erliar i am a bigginer now i need to use the form validation and upload funtion from the library i wrote these as separete functio in controller how i call these in in the view page ..??

As I see it, you're having problems grasping some basic OO principles. I suggest you read up on it (plenty of tutorials/good books out there!)

You're trying to puzzle one view together with multiple controller methods where it's actually the other way around: one controller method will puzzle together multiple views (like header.php, content.php and footer.php) to create a webpage.

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