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Bug creating controllers

Hi to everyone,
i would like to create an controller inside 3 folder, example

--- Controller

Thats the hyerarchy i want... but the system is saynt to me that don`t found the reference, its a bug?

Maybe have other way to make it, someone could help me here...?

I was testing somethings here, and i was seeing tha CI, its viewing the second segment as an controller, but it is an folder...

Someone know how to make this working?

You can only add one folder level.

You controllers are either in application/controllers, or in application/controllers/foldername. You can't go deeper.

If you want more granularity, maybe you should look at the modularity solutions available.

There is a solution to this somewhere in the CI wiki. I don't see the point myself, but do remember someone posting it.

Well, it isn`t a real bug... But thanks 4 the help. I will use only one folder, it isn`t an problemm at all... The system just should be more inteligent to know what is a folder and what is an real Controller...

Or maybe developers should realize a framework like CI is not used properly if URL's are based on directory names as you might have done in procedural PHP applications.

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