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Surprising behavior of IE (site is developed in CI)

please visit the following url in internet explorer.
the page loads fine. but when i press crt+f5 then the page broken. again if i press only F5 looks accurate. what's wrong here? suppose to me css file not loaded crt+F5 caused by CI. or something else. please let me get out.

[eluser]Michael Wales[/eluser]
It's not a CodeIgniter problem, CI has nothing to do with this. I would start here. It's probably a parsing issue, since the site loads up fine in Chrome but in IE7 it doesn't apply styling to your table, even after refreshing a few times.

I'm betting that Chrome is intelligently correcting your invalid markup, allowing it to properly style your elements whereas IE doesn't inteligently do anything - ever.

You'v got some possible problems with your HTML. You have duplicate <html> tags and your <meta> tags should be inside the <head> tag.

Million of Thanks. i am stupid in CSS debugging. My problem is fixed. Thanks a lot.

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