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Sending Emails

My site has a members system.
People registers and their info is saved (username, firstname, lastname, email, etc..)

When users message eachother, i set it so that, they will recieve an email, saying something like "Blah blah blah sent you a message! click here to view it"...

Now im sending emails using CI, and it takes around 7 seconds to send email (thats another problem ill talk about later, i think its my server?).
SO that means that the page is going to change in 7 seconds.

How can I beat this?
THe only way i heard is a cron job, but i dont know how to do cron jobs with CI.

can someone help me?
thank you!

There will always be some sort of delay via email.
7 seconds is not that bad.

I would send these "email notifications" only if the user is not currently logged in.
In case the user is logged in, why would you need to notify him/her via email?

Hope it helps!

I think, it's ment that page reload takes 7 seconds...

What you could do is store info that mail should be sent in DB and then indeed run cronjob to sent those mails.


OK im trying to do what facebook does, when someone sends me a message, I get an email.
but see i understand 7 seconds is not that bad, but i see sites like facebook and other popular sites, and when someone sends me a message, "a message was sent successfully" page is shown right away or something like that.
I dont think when you send a message on facebook, it hangs there for 7 seconds waiting for the email to be sent, and then the a message was sent successfully" page is finally shown or something like that
thats why i think they are using cron. but i dont know how to do cron with CI.

@smilie, thanks for the advice.
do you know how i can do this? run cronjobs, etc.

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