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problems implementing jQuery into app.

Hi all,
I'm trying to implement this gallery view http://www.serie3.info/s3slider/demonstration.html into an app.

It works in a standalone document but when I add it to my app nothing happens.

http://www.serie3.info/s3slider/ this is the tutorial for building and customizing.

Any ideas for what I'm doing wrong ? (I'm implementing the code as if it was a stand alone site to see it work before I try to implement it into the MVC system.


as long as you are loading your js in the head of the document, with your specific code wrapped in a $(document).ready(), and your view files contain all of the appropriate ids/classnames, it should work.

Can't tell you what you are possibly doing wrong if there is no code to look at.

The code is identical to the site I mentioned, thats why I find it odd. me posting my whole frontpage's code would kind of be too much I thought.

Is there any code that would render js code inert maybe?

a link to the page will do just fine. People generally aren't going to try to figure out a problem they can't look at.

damn, there someone just told me... (been trying to fiks it for days) it was my new ajax search that uses scriptacolous that was messing it up.

Anyone know how I can use both ?

http://www.little-players.com (be gentile I'm learning.)

Generally only good to use 1 framework if possible. jQuery does have a compatibility mode which helps it work with other frameworks. You can try that. Or just better to try to find something similar that uses jQuery.


Thank you Smile

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