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Partials? Administration? Speed? ....... SYMFONY??

Hello everyone,

This is my first post on this forum. I am a 17-year-old developer with almost 5 years of programming experience. I've used the Symfony framework for a couple of years now and I am considering moving to CodeIgniter.

However, there are two thing holding me back. First off, the Symfony framework supports global templates on a per-application basis, so you can create a basic HTML structure that you can utilize throughout the application (or per module). I haven't noticed anything similar in CodeIgniter and I also don't really feel like putting my menus, headers, footers and stuff in every single view file.

Second, Symfony offers an EXCELLENT admin-generator that generates administration modules for the end-user. Is there anything similar to that in CodeIgniter, and how does it compare?

I've got one final doubt and that is speed. Now this isn't really going to hold me back from CodeIgniter, but I would like to know how CodeIgniter compares to Symfony as far as speed goes.

Robin Kanters

Codeigniter does not go as far as symfony with regards to rendering "templates". They do not implement a layout/master page. You would have to include your header/footer in your view file. Codeigniter does not generate administration/crud templates for you. you will have to write them.

Codeigniter is a lot faster than symfony1. I don't know how well it compares to symfony2 but my prediction is that it will still be faster than symfony2 which will be released in about 2 months. The reason for this is simply that codeigniter does not do as much as symfony1/2.

thanks for your fast reply. In that case I'll stick with symfony.

BTW, I believe symfony reloaded is 3 times faster than symfony 1.4.8, just for the record Smile

As jayrulez with Codeigniter you have to type a lot of code, I have been waiting PHP5 in CI for a lot of time I'm tired o $this->form_validation->run() I HATE this sintaxis so I'm just waiting if SYMFONY2 arrives first than CI 2.0 I'll migrate.

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