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Sending EMail From Code Igniter 2.0.1

OK, I finally figured this out.

In my php ini, I had to do this:

Quote:[mail function]
; For Win32 only.
;SMTP = <--- Remove Linksys Router IP
SMTP = <--- Add Local IP
smtp_port = 25

Now everything works using the mail protocol. I'm not sure what is up with this because it used to work with another mail client. I just have no clue about this stuff...

InsiteFX, thank you so much for your help and sharing that tool, this is a huge deal for me - now I don't have to turn email debugging off for live sites (or use it at all actually) and I can get a more realistic experience while testing.

Thats strange! I have a linksys E2000 gigbit router but my SMTP was remarked out I had to add it.

Another thing you can do but only on windows is this.


And edit the hosts file and add this line
Code: localhost

Now you can specify localhost instead of


Thank you very much InsiteFX....

Your code works well in local server.. I used with the suggested mail server. It works well..

If i want to send the mail in server means what are the changes should i do? Can u give me some ideas for that?

Kindly reply.........

You would need to get your smtp values from your hosting provider and then make the changes to the
application/config/email.php file that should be the only changes you would need

$config['smtp_host']    = "";
$config['smtp_user']    = "";
$config['smtp_pass']    = "";
$config['smtp_port']    = "";
$config['smtp_timeout']    = 5;


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