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Poll: Do you think CI should have HMVC in itself without having to use third party codes?
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62 77.50%
15 18.75%
Not Sure
3 3.75%
Total 80 vote(s) 100%
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HMVC into CI itself without third party codes

I have been using Codeigniter with HMVC from wiredesign. Ever since i started using HMVC it helped me develop application much faster and easier. It makes application very extensible. It also help me make a template engine purely without anything else. So I think Codeigniter should adopt HMVC into itself.

I have coded a lot with CI in last 3 years and are having a big product (Closed) with CI. I have not used wiredesign however checked its documentation and it seems promising towards code separation. I think CI 3.1 should be with HMVC support enabled.

I voted 'No' but purely because the true HMVC capabilities of calling a controller from another controller is not a practice that I encourage. If you just mean keeping separate modules that can be routed to, then, yeah, I agree with that.

i didn't vote. However:

I use Modular CI for my module needs created by WanWizard. It is none intrusive, and easy to setup and get going with.

What is the difference between HMVC and the application "Packages" from the Loader class?

I never used HMVC or the Packages, but it looks to me it's about the same...?

(10-28-2014, 11:51 AM)Hobbes Wrote: i didn't vote. However:

I use Modular CI for my module needs created by WanWizard. It is none intrusive, and easy to setup and get going with.

Modular CI is extended form of HMVC from wiredesignz

When WanWizard was developing Modular CI his goal was to create a modularity system that was allot more simplistic than wiredesignz HMVC. While he may have gotten inspiration from it, Modular CI is radically different in it's approach. wiredesignz HMVC assumes everything is a module. Modular CI does not, although it allows you to have everything as a module.

If we are talking about cascading packages/modules which can contain complete config/controllers/libraries/views/models/etc... then YES.
If we are talking about controllers calling controllers then NO.

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Modules are meant to encapsulate your code like a blog or forums into a module, you can then take that module and drop it into any of your applications and your up and running. ( DRY )
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If CI doesn't implement HMVC it's a bad sign for it's development path. Every single company I've worked for in the last 5y has used HVMC in their frameworks, you're really doing a disservice to yourself at this point by not using it.

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