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How long does it take to write something like bambooinvoice?

I am trying to learn php and codeigniter, and so far have learned quite a bit.
I am just wondering how long it would take a developer to write a program like BambooInvoice in codeigniter, assuming the developer has moderate to advanced knowledge in PHP.

I can write simple solutions in codeigniter that do a specific thing, but right now, am trying to put together a big portal site, which will have many modules.

So, can I continue writing the code, and learn things on the way, or should I be thorough with PHP before I even start?

How fast? Rather unanswerable. It depends totally on your way and pace of working and learning.

Should you be "thorough" with PHP? I've been coding since the past 4 yrs, built quite a few big sites, but I still don't have clue about how the bcpowmod() function works. I will only look at it if I need it. You can never be 100% knowledgeable about PHP. What you MUST be thorough about, however, is every bit of the syntax and all the language constructs available.

Knowing OOP best practices, standards, and design patterns will help you big time in handling giant projects.

[eluser]Loic Sharma[/eluser]
Adity basically nailed it with how long it would take you to develop such an application: it all depends on you.

However, you should definitely start writing the application. The only real way to learn PHP (or CodeIgniter, for that matter) is by actually writing code.

I agree on this one ... I dont think you could guess at how long it took to create, I mean I was working on Dove Forums (www.doveforums.com) for nearly a year, and work is still ongoing.

As Loic says, your best bet would be to try make your own version as this will really help your learning curve.


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