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Load function, not view

At the end of a controller, instead of loading a view, is it possible to load a function? I know you can redirect to a function, but that doesn't allow you to carry $data ... does it?


yes you can load a function, if the functions in the same controller, you dont have to load a view at all.


Ah, excellent.

I've got another related problem. I want to pass a varible to the function I'm going to be loading. So I place it where you've put $param1.

I gather I have to then, in the function I'm loading, put function index($param1). When I do that, I get an spit up on my page regarding that parameter.

Any ideas?

Oh, think I got it. Had to set the parameter in the index function to be FALSE by default.

class Test extends Controller {
  function test() {
  function fish($var1="Nobody") {
    $var2 = "likes fish";
  function anotherfunc($var1,$var2)
    echo $var1." ".$var2;

Not sure I understand your question so I shall do a quick example see above..
it defaults to "Nobody likes fish"

if you call it with:


it will display "Wilma likes fish"

[edit]sorry missed your reply, glad you got it working

Cheers gtech, that actually helped a great deal. My problem was I was trying to pass two parameters to my Index function, by in the function they were being passed from only one of the variables was actually being declared.

Thanks again!

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