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changing index.php's name

hey everyone, i know it's a bit of a silly question for this should be rather simple but i can't get it to work.
i've changed the
$config['index_page'] = '';
line to the desired name and of course changed the name of the actual file but all i'm getting is a
Quote:HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden.

thnx for the help and time.

Well I think you can't change it's name, since it's the first thing server is looking for and loads. It might work if you override default index file name with .htaccess.

something like this: http://www.javascriptkit.com/howto/htaccess6.shtml

well ok, in that case i'll just explain what i want, cause from what you're saying i might not need to change the name.
i have a code i'm working on which was made under a random framework which i do not recognize. now the client asked for a major addition so the addition i'm doing in CI and want to link it to the main site.
lets say then that i have an index.php file connecting to another code and that code directs me to 'business.php' file as the index for the new file. will CI recognize that and grant me access to my addition?

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