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Strange behavior with URLs...

I can't understand why my URLs don't work as expected. I'm using the .htaccess file suggested here: http://codeigniter.com/wiki/mod_rewrite/

These URLs all work:


But this URL does not work. I get a "Not Found" Apache error page:


How can this be? I've implemented this .htaccess file many times on other sites with no issues. I am utilizing MY_Controller, if that makes any difference?

It should be noted that any bad URL that is only one segment goes to my custom 404 page (the CodeIgniter 404 page). But if I add any second segment, I get the stock Apache 404 page...


It seems like "Error" is a controller name that cannot be used reliably. Any other controller I create and use works just fine.

Is there a resource that lists all class names that should be considered "off limits"?

CodeIgniter Reserved names

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