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doubts about a class XMLRPC

Hello, I have doubt in a class to send a response to my client using XMLRPC, is giving one more error, I'm using version 2.0.2, I wonder if this version has buggs, for I've seen a working model in version 1.7 and functions normally and have seen many people also complain about the version 2.0.2.

I hope someone will help me post the code in my class, which makes the response.

public function listAuth(XML_RPC_Message $request){
        //Criação da instancia do CI para poder chamar os metodos do Controller mestre
        $ci =& get_instance();
        $ci->load->model("autenticacao_model", 'user');
        $ci->user = new autenticacao_model();

        $parameters = $request->output_parameters();
        $res = $ci->user->listAll();        
        if($res == NULL){
            echo $this->CI->xmlrpc->display_error();
        } else{
            $authListar = array();
             foreach ($res as $user){
                $authListar[$user->id_autenticacao] =
                                        'id_autenticacao'       =>  array($user[id_autenticacao]),  'int',
                                        'id_status_fk'          =>  array($user[id_status_fk]),     'int',
                                        'id_pessoa_fk'          =>  array($user[id_pessoa_fk]),     'int',
                                        'email'                 =>  array($user[email]),            'string',
                                        'senha'                 =>  array($user[senha]),            'string',
                                        'ultimo_acesso'         =>  array($user[ultimo_acesso]),    'string',
                                        'status'                =>  array($user[status]),           'string',

             $response = array($authListar, 'struct');


        return $ci->xmlrpc->send_response($response);


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