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Anyone ever integrated pagelime with a codeigniter website?

I'm trying to get a codeigniter website integrated with pagelime and i'm unsuccessful at it.

I'm having a problem with the setup. When I first setup my website, It shows the homepage, but if I publish any changes, they don't actually publish, and when I try to add a new page to pagelime, it gives me an error.

I think it has something to do with file extensions and the way urls are built with codeigniter.

Has anyone ever integrated the two?

I take it no one has really done this since I haven't gotten a good answer on SO with a bounty in about 4 days either.

Does anyone use a web based cms that is compatible with a codeigniter website?

Hi toymachiner62,

There are a few Codeigniter based cms's out there:


is probably the most accomplished, stable one that comes to mine, but I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by "integrating" the CI site with limepage...can you explain a little more specifically what you are doing and we might have some suggestions,/workarounds for you

I have a codeigniter website and I want the client to be able to update the static content themselves. All of the pages have a static section as well as a dynamic section.

I see. I have a small site I did for a friend with the same problem, and keep meaning to look for a solution for him.

Really you've got the cart before the horse, and I don't know any easy way to now make those views dynamic.

If you are able to put the view content inside a database table, and then call it and render it, then you can build a page for him to edit that content in the admin area. I don't know how viable that solution is for you.

a second similar thing would be to let him read the file contents/write to the file directly, but I think you would have terrible security issues with that.

You probably want to wait for a few more opinions before starting so much work - someone might have an easier idea

I was trying to not have to build an entire cms. I could do it, but I was hoping to be able to just hook it up to a web-based cms.

Maybe the sister EllisLab product Mojo Motor may be of use to you? http://mojomotor.com

After watching the tutorials and reading the forums, it doesn't sound like you can integrate an existing codeigniter app with MM very well.

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