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PHP 5.3.2 and session problem

Hi there.

I'm running a Codeigniter (v. 2.0.2) based application on a server that has php 5.3.2, and the problem that I'm getting is that the Session class is not recognizing sessions, that is, it creates a new session for me, every time I reload the page.
Therefore, when I try to log in, my authentication script successfully validates the credentials, sets some session variables and then redirects me to the secured dashboard page.
But when that page loads, it doesn't recognize this session and creates a new one, and since this new one doesn't have the authorized session, I get redirected back to the login screen.

It works fine on servers with PHP 5.3.6 and 5.3.5.

What I did to solve this issue was to replace the default Session class with the Native Session class and then it works fine.

But I just don't like that solution as that will give me some problems next time I update Codeigniter.

Therefore, I'm hoping that anyone has an idea what's going on?

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