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Pagination & Storing Query Stings from array of POST value

I am following nettut+ tutorial for pagination and to store POST inputs as querystrings in db. So far, everything works fine until, suppose if I get an array as POST input, i am unable to loop through it and get all the array values and to store into query_array (i.e., store array within array).

The snippets below:

$query_array = array(
‘gender’ => $this->input->post(‘gender’),
‘minage’ => $this->input->post(‘minage’),
‘maxage’ => $this->input->post(‘maxage’),
‘Citizenship’ => $this->input->post(‘citizenship’), // checkboxes with name citizenship[]

This returns only last stored array value in Citizenship.

The output array:
Array ( [gender] => 1 [minage] => 18 [maxage] => 24 [Citizenship] => 2 )

makes the query string as:


But, my requirement is to get all the values of ‘Citizenship’ array instead of last stored value.

The output required to make query string:

Array ( [gender] => 1 [minage] => 18 [maxage] => 24 [Citizenship] => 2 [Citizenship] => 4 [Citizenship] => 6 )

The query string :


Any help appreciated.


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