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[Resolved] How do you use Zend_Search_Lucene with CodeIgniter and MySQL database?

I followed the tutorial i found here: http://www.cmjackson.net/2009/02/17/how-...deigniter/

I successfully got that working with CI2.X but now i want to use zend_search_lucene to search one of my MySQL databases and since the tutorial only shows how to search feeds, how do you search a database?

What changes need to be made to my controller pasted below to try indexing and searching a table in a MySQL database?

Home.php controller:

<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

class Home extends CI_Controller {

  * Index Page for this controller.
  * @see http://ellislab.com/codeigniter/user-guide/general/urls.html
public function index() {
$this->load->library('zend', 'Zend/Feed');
$this->load->library('zend', 'Zend/Search/Lucene');

  //Create index.
  $index = new Zend_Search_Lucene('/Library/WebServer/Documents/wostr/application/uploads/feeds_index', true);

  $feeds = array(

  //grab each feed.
  foreach($feeds as $feed)
       $channel = Zend_Feed::import($feed);
       echo $channel->title().'<br />';

       //index each item.
     foreach($channel->items as $item)
         if ($item->link() && $item->title() && $item->description())
            //create an index doc.
            $doc = new Zend_Search_Lucene_Document();
                'link', $this->sanitize($item->link())),'UTF-8');
                'title', $this->sanitize($item->title())),'UTF-8');
                'contents', $this->sanitize($item->description())),'UTF-8');

            echo "\tAdding: ". $item->title() .'<br />';

  echo $index->count() .' Documents indexed.<br />';

public function sanitize($input)
  return htmlentities(strip_tags($input),ENT_QUOTES,'UTF-8');

public function search() {
    $this->load->library('zend', 'Zend/Search/Lucene');

     $index = new Zend_Search_Lucene('/Library/WebServer/Documents/wostr/application/uploads/feeds_index');

     $query = 'farm';
     $hits = $index->find($query);

     echo 'Index contains '. $index->count() .
        ' documents.<br /><br />';
     echo 'Search for "'. $query .'" returned '. count($hits) .
        ' hits<br /><br />';

    foreach($hits as $hit) {
        echo $hit->title .'<br />';
        echo 'Score: '. sprintf('%.2f', $hit->score) .'<br />';
        echo $hit->link .'<br /><br />';

} /* End of file home.php */
  /* Location: ./application/controllers/home.php */

I hope somebody that has used lucene search with codeigniter before can give me some advice on how to proceed!

EDIT: Nothing!! I failed copying the Zend files in the correct directory Tongue

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