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Launched GoCart 1.2 yesterday

For those of you looking for a CodeIgniter based shopping cart. We (at Clear Sky Designs) just launched GoCart 1.2.

You can check it out on our website at gocartdv.com

nmormino can I ask you how can I use your "adding new product" items (products_form.php, products.php etc) in separate project?

I just love the way how can we add new options to products.

I'd need to know what you are trying to accomplish. If you want the functionality as is, It's utilizing javascript to create new fields that all share similar form element names such as product_option[]


I would like to use this functionality


I already implemented everything except "Options" and "Images" tabs and this is for what I'm asking you.

I get the logic (controller and model) behind this two, I'm having difficulties with JS as you said.

Do you have standalone version of this "module"? Because I was riping everything apart with no success.

Unfortunately i do not have this as a standalone module. I can tell you that we're using jquery and jquery UI and without those libraries it will be impossible for you. You will probably do better though to pull the code out from what is generated rather than grabbing from the PHP file.

Essentially, do a view source in your browser and grab the javascript functions out that way.

Ok, I've managed it, but I'm from Europe and here we use decimal with prices, gocart doesn't support that. Any way of changing that? Instead of 99.99 I need to use 99,99

Hey there RockyS, I'm fairly certain someone answered this question in the gocart forums already. I don't recall the specifics simply because it can be rather difficult to keep track of all the various posts in there. GoCart forums are at http://gocartdv.com/community

I've searched for "europe,decimal,float,number format,format,price,input" and nothing useful in results.

This could be one of the options in gocart system.

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