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No-CMS, A Free CodeIgniter based CMS to start your project

I've make a responsive theme by using boostrap.
See the screenshot here:

Grab it here:

No-CMS version 0.5.1 RC1 has been released today

It is now using bootstrap as default theme. Enjoy the responsiveness.
Make your site looks good in any device Smile

No-CMS version 0.5.1 RC2 has been released today (https://github.com/goFrendiAsgard/No-CMS..._0.5.1_RC2)
I've apply some bug-fix included:
* Registration & Change Profile is now become more informative. Any error such as un-match confirm password will be shown
* New module standard, all module should have a unique internal name to avoid duplication. Such a name can be made by override $NAME in module installer
* Installation & Un-installation of module is better, since it prevent you to install the already installed modules and uninstall the already uninstalled modules
* The logo is now appeared in bootstrap theme
* Better wysiwyg module
And many more...


The greatest and newest No-CMS ever has been released today.
Get No-CMS 0.5.1 stable here: https://github.com/goFrendiAsgard/No-CMS...5.1_stable

Some bugfixes and new features has been added:
* Flexigrid-bootstrap conflict has been resolved
* New module-generator, produce a better module skeleton. Don't make everything from scratch anymore
* Getting 'A' grade for YSlow with Small Site/Blog rule-set. So, you can say that No-CMS is fast enough

Stay tune, No-CMS will always be better than ever in every new release Smile

Is there a way to set a theme per module?

[quote author="drmikecrowe" date="1343956553"]Is there a way to set a theme per module?[/quote]

No we can't set theme per module, but we can programmatically set theme for every view.
$this->view('example/example_index', $this->data, NULL, NULL, 'orange');
Such a code will view 'example/example_index' in 'orange' theme

No-CMS is now has better blog & user guide (help).
The blog is now using "infinite scroll". Something like "facebook-timeline" instead of classic pagination.
But the most important changes are urls in every topics in user guide (help) and blog.
Instead of using inflector library's underscore method, now I use url library's url_title method.

The help is now (actually since 0.5.5 RC1) is editable. The database script file is located at modules/help/db.
I really need someone to help me completing the documentation

No-CMS 0.5.5 RC3 has been out !!!

There will be no feature addition after this version, until the 0.5.5 stable released.
Some new features here are:

* New grocery-CRUD which is now supporting template system & where clause in set_relation_n_n.
* main is now placed in module directory to make it more modular
* Some subjects in main management (so the caption will be Add User instead of Add record)
* New themes, including one with menu put on the top.
The theme templating system is more flexible. You don't have to have "header.php", "footer.php" etc. Just make the template the way you are comfort to
* Better installation. It is now using progress bar to not let you wait there and guess if everything has been finished or not.

That's all. Please report if you have some bugs or error, so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.

Nice job! Now I can now new application with base it! Thank

No-CMS 0.5.5 stable has been out.
You can download it here: https://github.com/goFrendiAsgard/No-CMS...5.5_stable
And read the full story here: http://www.getnocms.com/2012/08/no-cms-0...ouken.html

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