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Nonsense word generator

[eluser]Alex Volkow[/eluser]
Does anybody know function or class, which will generate nonsense words
I dont need to get random line from the file which contains a list of words!

Have you tried to find that yourself? Googleing "php random word generator" gives you pages of hits...

[eluser]Alex Volkow[/eluser]
[quote author="WanWizard" date="1336834626"]Have you tried to find that yourself? Googleing "php random word generator" gives you pages of hits...[/quote]
I'm sorry, I forgot to mention , generated word should be pronounceable

[eluser]J. Pavel Espinal[/eluser]
What about looking for some .txt dictionaries on Google, then inserting them on a DB (obviously, with a little PHP/Shellscript/AWK/Etc. application) and fetching the words randomly.

You could keep adding words to your DB (getting sure they are unique) from time to time. You could even look for a English-words based rainbow table file.

Pronounceable in which language?

If you really want that, and they have to be non-existing words, you'll need a generator that knows all the rules of the language. Don't think that's going to be very simple.

For English there is some source available in several languages that is mainly used in password crackers (you're not doing that are you?) which you could convert. Google for it.

It sounds like somebody is using something similar to spam my forum. What are you trying to make? I don't know about everyone else, but I'm not really interested in helping in the creation of nextgen spamming tools.

like this?

[eluser]Alex Volkow[/eluser]
[quote author="Sire" date="1336869656"]like this?
Thanks that's helped,

The main purpose was creating username, so user could choose from a list what he likes, similar to skype registration form, but not the same.

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