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Automatic RSS from 20 categories according what the user tick

Is this possible at all using PHP/CI?

I mean I have like 20 categories of my articles (stored in my db table articles as column category and can have values like soccer, basketball, hockey etc.)

Now I have a page called customize-your-rss and there I would like to have checkboxes of all categories, so the user can build his own rss feed.

When he is satisfied with his choices he press a button "give me the custom RSS link" and a script will create a new rss feed file and give him an address.

I was thinking that before it generate a new link and create a new rss file, it could check if this file (this combination was ever created before, and if yes, then do not create a new file, just output the link to existing file)

However here I think is the biggest problem that after some time, there will be so many combinations and the server will be not able to perform this task anymore.

What do you think?

How will you solve this problem? Do you hae any previous expierience like this?

Thanks in advance for any info.

Any suggestion how to solve this problem?

I wouldn't create individual files every time they save their choices. I would save the choices to the DB and give each entry an ID. Then create a controller, model, view that would generate the RSS using the ID. Then your link would be something like:


OK, thanks I will try it, your way sounds easier.

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