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Lol, there we go again. Same response every time I say that. Between stuff like this and the spam, I don't know why I keep coming back here.

You come just to throw your despising attitudes towards me ,but hey look little programmer I got a mirror,hope next time you lol the loolaby and dont make me waste my time because I will ignore you since I can do it

No, he comes just like I do to try and help new users and we are on the weekends when everyone else is out having fun! But when users have an attitude like yours then they just do not care to help.

And if you read my post above I told you about using the code tags but you turned right around and posted again with out using them which means you do not know how to follow instructions!

@Aken, keep up the good work because you care and most of us do like you here, so stick around...

Maybe he is color blind and can not see the big red code tags at top when posts!

So you keep coming back for more ha just writing pests without knowing what you say,read before you open ur big mouth and get lost I told you bad attitude people is not allowed,you are just a couple of energy vampires that like to attack on weekends online[quote author="v4et" date="1338011739"]

Im rediscoverin ci and found out I dont have to install nothing since my script is already built on top of it,sure no need to put nothing on config.php because howeverly my server finds my index.php and I base myself on some testing,just like the url that is also supposed to be put here is auto findable just like neo vagina's are auto cleanable.This is something that led me to think theres not much to do since also on index.php the system folder and application was assigned by default and tested too of ci acurracy,so Im wondering what is wrong since theres not much left to configure but this

@InsiteFX & @Aken,

If you see that a noob is really a complete disaster, just accept that we can't help them and don't post.

Noob is ur father,first I dont think I could make a decent programmer out of any of you 3 you are very away from what the scientific knowledge is about you are just disgusting ego and thats all.

My gifts as a programmer are bigger than yours because you cant see ahead of your nose maybe you have more knowledge than me but you dont have more intelligence since you cant diagnose nothing but brutalities you are just a waste of time.

When I arrived at this forum I didnt know how to install ci and from that to my last post if you are humble enough to read I learned so fast that I determined that ci was already installed on my server and functional as was determined after related testing,so if you read my last post youll find out I dont need anymore support but determine which is the right controller for payments and to get the right syntax in order to add it on index.php.

Now you can take it the way you want to but get lost if you dont care about nothing but saying nonesense ,my diagnose about ci is that is a fatal employment for gpl scripts and anybody that does that is the worst,ci can work to cover leaks that in the past could become gates for hackers but to me is neither better or worst than anything is just a diferent thing as there is tons.

It's not often I can go to a coding forum and get a good laugh.

I love this thread.

v4et, you are my hero. I'm thankful that you have come across into the CI world to disseminate your programming knowledge.

Asking for help implicitly implies that someone else has the knowledge that you require. Also implicit is that you will listen to their advice. It may not be correct, or fix your problem, but a little respect goes a long way.

Seriously dude, all they have asked you to do is to read the user documentation, it's not rocket science is it?

Laugh of what if ci is nowadays installed functionally on my server?,If you see what you want to see is because you are ridiculous

Okay, you got me there. I'll hold my hand up. Most of my friends and peers would agree that I am ridiculous.

I'm not quite sure what you mean by 'Laugh of what if ci is nowadays installed functionally on my server?'.

Translating it through my babelfish tells me that you have installed CI on your server and it is functionally working.

Let me be the first to congratulate you and tell you 'well done'. You prowess never ceases to amaze me, the sky is the limit for you and CI.


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