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Form acting different in IE and Chrome

It could also be that the browser is caching your pages. try sending a no-cache header to it.

I tried that as well with no luck. I also turned off cacheing in my browser with no luck.

It seems like $_POST is empty or being cleared at some point. Because of this it is failing the validation/ reloading the form. It only seems to do this when all of the required values are filled in.

Okay, so I finally figured this out and it was not anything to do with codeigniter. Rather, it had to do with NTLM authentication and IE. When a user was first visiting the site I authenticated them with NTLM then stored their LAN ID and Domain in a session.

For some reason doing it this way messed with the headers that were being sent. I changed it so that the user is reauthenticated every time they go to a page that will post data back to the server. Once I did this it started working as expected.

This is also the reason why it worked in every browser except for IE. This is supposedly a known issue/feature with IE.

Again, thanks for all the help.


I am asking this because it is server side script, and browser should not matter unless it is setting some sort of cookie to verify whether or not the validation ran or not.
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