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Some posted values dont show up.

[eluser]S Dev[/eluser]

I have a application running in codeigniter with a huge form. I have an array of items in this form.

I have a problem here. When we post the form only half of the data(array) is posted. I increase my posted max memory size. Still it's the same. I am not able to figure out what the problem is. Can anyone tell me what might be the possible problem and how it can be solved?

Thanks in advance.



post_max_size integer Sets max size of post data allowed. This setting also affects file upload. To upload large files, this value must be larger than upload_max_filesize. If memory limit is enabled by your configure script, memory_limit also affects file uploading. Generally speaking, memory_limit should be larger than post_max_size. When an integer is used, the value is measured in bytes. Shorthand notation, as described in this FAQ, may also be used. If the size of post data is greater than post_max_size, the $_POST and $_FILES super globals are empty. This can be tracked in various ways, e.g. by passing the $_GET variable to the script processing the data, i.e. <form action="edit.php?processed=1">, and then checking if $_GET['processed'] is set.

[eluser]S Dev[/eluser]
Thanks for the reply. I have increased the memory limit and post max size. What happens is half of the array is posted. I loose half of the values.

Increasing max post size do not help. The same data is posted again skipping fields towards the end of form.

- Verify that your form is formatted properly. No duplicate names, no opening or closing form tags in the wrong place.
- Verify that you don't have any Javascript manipulating the form when submitted.

It sounds like your form is created improperly. Post your view file somewhere if those don't help (not the forum if it's really long).

[eluser]S Dev[/eluser]
I Copied my html and tried running the script as a normal php page on my local server. All the values get posted.

Is there anything else that can block the values posted? Does special characters or keywords in data affects the values being posted?

I don't remember everything the input class does off the top of my head, so I don't know what parameters or requirements it has.

- Do you have global_xss_filtering enabled in your config? Are you using xss_clean anywhere?
- What are you calling to check your POST data? Have you tried using the Input class rather than raw, if that's what you're doing?

[eluser]S Dev[/eluser]
I am not using global_xss_filtering. It is set to false. I am using input class. I also tried using raw post. It gives the same result.

Do i need to set global_xss_filtering to true? Kindly guide me.

Post your code.
It will be much easier to find out the problem.

[eluser]S Dev[/eluser]
I won't be able to post the full form but here are details:
The form has 2 fields per records. Two drop down that updates status. Its a simple form only with lots of records. It has been working till now and suddenly some of the values are not posted.

Without seeing the form code it will be very hard to help you.

But for one double check your form code missing " etc; Because this will cause it to lose form data.

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