How can I make a ONE model for edit delete update?

This is mysql databases on my project.


To clarify: the category table contained in the categories of products in the product table contains only those products in a table containing all the properties for The Nature products. The Nature of the products are very different for each product!
How can I make a ONE model for edit delete update?
Sorry for my terrible English!

public function edit($table_name, $src_id, $id, $data)
    $this->db->where($src_id, $id);
    $this->db->update($table_name, $data);

Something like that.

Or have a look at Jamie's base model

Thank you for your help, but it comes to the table properties in which each row contains a characteristic driven from table product.
For example: a product "shoes" has 10 description, this means 10 lines in the table properties, and another product "hat" has two characteristics that means 2 rows in table properties.
So how how can I make a ONE model for edit delete update
Thank you

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I have a class for everythings
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Yeah right!

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Alexandre E. Souza my email is: [email protected]

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