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Less css library

Hi everyone,

Today I'll share with you this library I've made for a project.

The library has the documentation inside but here it is anyway.
NOTE:This library implements the class created by Leaf Corcoran [http://leafo.net]
Quote:Note: If you find this library helpful please say thanks and share it with people you know need this.

This class lets you to implement the Less languaje in your own server.

*1)Use the same documentation to create the files at. http://lesscss.org
*2)Compress your css.
*3)Cache your css.


*1)Create a controller with the name [css.php] with this code.

<?php if ( ! defined('BASEPATH')) exit('No direct script access allowed');

  class Css extends CI_Controller {

   public function __construct()
   public function page($file = FALSE)
    $config['css_path']  = "./css/$file";
    $config['compress']  = TRUE;

  #End of file css.php
  #Location: ./application/controllers/css.php
*2)Create a folder with the name [css] at ./.
*3)Create a .css file with the name style.css and paste this code.

@bg_color: #000000;
  #footer {
   background: @bg_color;
   border-top:1px dotted #666;
   & li {
   & #footer_contact, #footer_direction, #footer_menu, #footer_portfolio {
   & #footer_menu li a,  #footer_portfolio li a {
    padding:3px 0 0px 15px;
*4)Access to the url http://localhost/yourproject/css/page/style.css
*5)When the css is ready to production i recommend to uncomment the line below to enable caching.


Quote:Tags: Less, CI_Lesscss, LessCss, Less css, Codeigniter, Romyblack Smile

Here's the link : Download Less css library
Save at \application\libraries\Less_css.php

Excellent Work!! Thank you for sharing!!

Very cool!

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