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CSS menu works with Firefox, Opera, but not with IE

Hi everybody

A very strange situation, so I am unsure how to explain my problem.
The title is not correct: if I parse all thing into a variable and store it with file_put_contents() into a file, yes, than it works also with IE.

This works with FF and Opera, but not with IE: the sub-menues are not displayed.
$this->parser->parse('header', $data);

Then I tried this:
$nix = $this->parser->parse('header', $data, TRUE);
$nix .= $this->parser->parse('temsilci_menu', $data, TRUE);
$nix .= $this->parser->parse('footer', $data, TRUE);
file_put_contents('application/views/nix123.php', $nix);
Again: this works with FF and Opera, but not with IE: the sub-menues are not displayed.
But if I change the extention of nix123.php to html and double-click on it, than it works fine with IE.

I hope I was able to describe my problem understandable.

Edit: Tested with 2.1.1 and 2.1.2
Edit2: Tested with IE8


I played a little bit around. With this code also IE is running fine. But of course, it is a very ugly temporary solution:
$nix = $this->parser->parse('header', $data, TRUE);
$nix .= $this->parser->parse('temsilci_menu', $data, TRUE);
$nix .= $this->parser->parse('footer', $data, TRUE);
file_put_contents('nix123.php', $nix);

So You are saying that generated code (as in source) in Opera is different than this in IE?

In IE your sub-menus are probaly going behind your div.

This is a CSS problem with IE to fix you need to add zindex to your CSS code for your menus.

Okay, let's assume this is a IE problem. But why does the page runs in IE without problem, if I redirect CI outputs to a file and open this file in IE?

Inserting z-index property did not solve the problem.

Without code / url no one will help You.

One thing comes to my telepathic mind:
Quote:Quirks mode in any version of IE will also be triggered if anything precedes the DOCTYPE. For example, if a hypertext document contains a comment or any tag before the DOCTYPE, IE will use quirks mode:
<!-- This comment will put IE 6, 7, 8, and 9 in quirks mode -->
Quirks mode - Wikipedia

I know that without code it is very hard to help. But for me it would be very difficult to extract this part of code from all others. Maybe I could delete all the business data and publish here a time-limited url; but I am not sure if this would help to find the problem.
But anyway: for myself I find a way to circumnavigate this problem. But I'm pretty nearly certain that this could be a bug.


With the famous "try & error" methode I found a better solution:
If I insert a
into the root index.php, than everything works normal.
Can someone please explain me the reason for this behaviour?

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