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Windows Server 2003+ vs. Linux Server?

So I've been used to Linux server.
How about CodeIgniter site under Windows Server 2003?
What's the difference?

The pros and cons?

Thanks in advanced.

Windows servers are a pain. Much easier to use *NIX based.

[eluser]TWP Marketing[/eluser]
More specifically, Windoze servers are a "non-standard" standard which means you will need to know how they differ from linux servers just to keep from coding something that MS doesn't like or has decided it will not support in liu of what they consider proper... Sorry that was a long sentence, but I refuse to write code for windows servers, even to the point of refusing a contract. Linux is just so much easier to deal with, not to mention cheaper.

Apart for all other cons you can think of, I don't see why a server should waist CPU cycles on a GUI and a mouse pointer.
Luckily MS has seen the light, new server versies can be installed without the GUI, commandline only.

Another point is that in linux there are a million ways to solve each problem, and most of them are well documented and/or sorted out by someone else. Windows == powershell, and I wish you good luck... Wink

[eluser]John Murowaniecki[/eluser]
Lately it's all just a political issue. You should use what you prefer, there's not much difference between running your application over Apache2 on Windows, Linux or Mac if it's properly configurated. (:

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