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Please Help me!! It is showing error in Update page

I am getting error while updating the data. it is showing Undefined variable..

Actually one script takes the email id and after validating it fetches whole information from database on another script. but when i make some change on that script and click on update button it is showing errors for those variable.

You got to define the variable which is undefined...
Dont know what kind of help you expecting with giving information.

Actually i have defined the variables. i put the variable in an array and passed them from Model to View and it is showing their in View but once i click on Update button after doing some modification on the same page. it shows error about those variable which i used for printing values on the View Page..

Well, im really convinced that this variable is defined that you try to use! Remember, PHP is always right!

Post some code champ, no one can help you without something to look at, but at a casual guess, I'd say that when you are posting your form you are going to a different controller function, which is no longer calling your model function (or constructor due to not loading your model) which has the array, thus your update controller function no longer has access to them = undefined.

But then again... "passing a variable in an array"... I'm also thinking that you may be confusing array "values" with what you are calling a "variable"... you cannot pass $someVar in an array can keep it as a "variable", you only pass the value of $someVar...

Complete speculation without code

Thank you very much for your response to this problem. i am trying to post my all codes of Model view and Controller but i am getting permission notice. Meanwhile i have Posted my codes on my blog please go through it and suggest some solution.My blog url is http://ephemeraldweller.blogspot.in/

I got the solution!! Smile Thankyou "More you be spend time with problem less farther you will be to the solution"

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