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Upload & show ppt/pdf files. Directions..?

Hello people.

I am working in a project in wich a type of user can upload a ppt or pdf file. After that other users - same type or not - can view the file. I am thinking about doing this like the SlideShare kind of view, but people here doens't want the SlideShare API. Is it possible to do this? I 'm lost even about that. Didn't find nothing so especific in the user guide or even here.

I used the Upload Class and worked fine, but i still have no idea how to finish this. I suppose i have to use javascript, but if someone could point a direction of research or something i would appreciate.

Thanks Smile Sorry i am not used to write in english.

You could provide a link to the uploaded pdf/ppt, and when they click on it the pdf will download and show in their browser if they have acrobat/powerpoint installed. But they have to have acrobat/powerpoint installed obviously to view it.

Yes, I start thinking about that a few moments ago, or to convince these people to use slideshare api and spare memory space in the server. The stakeholders here doens't know much o IT, and hava several ideas. some are kind bad.

It's a pretty easy case to make.

"We can use this efficient library and it will work for all we need to do without having to have requirements for each computer accessing the system, or else we need to make sure each of these applications is installed and up to date on each computer accessing the system which will require a lot more work and ongoing IT updates and end-user support."

You just have to present it logically as it will make the work easier which they will hear as "it's cheaper and will work better"

[eluser]Rok Biderman[/eluser]
This one is for displaying pdf files, this might do the same for ppt. Also consider using Google Docs as it's probably ten times easier.


Well, since you brouth it up, I could comment on this PHPPowerPoint. I've read the Test and main classes(PHPPowerPoint.php). As long as I could Understand, it mounts .ppt files with images you insert in the proper directory.

I think is the best to find another way, like CroNiX sugests.

[eluser]Rok Biderman[/eluser]
Yes, I wasn't sure if it displayed the files. You can try and search for other options, but in reality it's probably a lot more robust and cost-efficient to use an existing web service.

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