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Ion Auth + REST + User Authentication ?

I am not sure if this is possible...

What I am thinking of doing is having an API server which connects to the database.
Then I will have multiple web servers which use REST to communicate with the API server.
I need users to log in to the web servers, but I am not sure how to properly authenticate them.

I have used the CI REST library before so I was planning to use that.
I have also use Ion Auth for a few projects but only on a single server.

So let's say I stored all of the user account data in my one database, which only the API server can directly talk to. I need the users to pass in their username/password to one of the many web servers which then will use REST to talk to the API and check if the username/pass is correct and then I am unsure of what to do from there...

I don't really want the web servers to have to store data about the users, I would like for them to act as a middle man. Could I just use Ion Auth on the web servers and change the database calls to be REST calls and talk to my rest server? Or should each web server be able to talk to the database just handling the authentication?

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