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Jquery tabs (tabify) in Code Igniter.


I'm trying to use Tabify:

IIt works ok without Code Igniter. But, when I add it to CI and put code to the view
adding only in header
<base href="<?php echo $this->config->item('base_url') ?>" />

so the paths are correct then it does not work (tabs are not being changed). Is there something I'm missing?

Thank you for hints.

[eluser]Salvador P.[/eluser]
Maybe the Javascript is not loaded. Check the Jquery library is included in the page you are loading the tabs.

Javascript is loaded. Anchor urls are working too

<ul id="tabs_navi">
        <li class="active">&lt;?php echo anchor(current_url()."#tabs01","Opis obiektu",array('class'=>'tabs_a','id'=>'tabs_active'));?&gt; </li>
        <li>&lt;?php echo anchor(current_url()."#tabs02","Galeria zdjęć",array('class'=>'tabs_a'));?&gt; </li>
        <li>&lt;?php echo anchor(current_url()."#tabs03","Mapka dojazdu",array('class'=>'tabs_a'));?&gt; </li>
        <li>&lt;?php echo anchor(current_url()."#tabs04","Formularz kontaktowy",array('class'=>'tabs_a'));?&gt; </li>

I think the problem could be with url ?

Working without CI is:

And with Code Igniter it is (not working)

I have browsed this forum and found out that many people had similar problems.

[eluser]Salvador P.[/eluser]
I've never used Tabify, maybe the problem is with the url, try to put some alerts in the javascript code which changes the tab, to see if it's picking the "#tabs01" or picking "500#tabs1".

Check if you can use base_url() instead of current_url().

Hope this helps.

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