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Trouble returning to page after form submission

OK, my previous attampt at a fix, while it works, doesn't make passing the form values BACK to the form very easy. Because I have to pass everything to a separate file which then re-directs to my form page, I lose the POST data stored.

From what I am seeing there are 2 (probably more, but 2 I can think of) ways to handle this:

1) Figure out WHAT is adding the .php to my call BACK to the form page. The link is correct, if it didn't have the .php, I don't have that in code, so has to be something else adding it. I am just not sure what.

2) Pass all the form values (one of the forms on this site is an applcation that will take a LOT of storage, but they don't want to keep all that data so it seems silly to store it in a database, rather we are just sending it along in an email. So is there a simple way to pass ALL active variables into a flashdata array? Or something similar?

Hoping someone has a suggestion, for 2 of the 3 forms manually storing the form data into flashdata values won't be too cumbersome as there are a total of probably 10-15 fields between the forms. The employment application form is another matter, however. And I definitely don't want them to have their users needing to retype all their data.


Here is the code from my form handling controller. I have a feeling I have something in here that I have not done correctly and that may be causing the issue, this is all held in a class called email. "Main" is the website controller, and "contact" is the webpage where the contact form resides. The email is sent when form validation completes, the only error I have is when the function callcontact() call is made (even if I do it without the separate function I still end up with the error that main/contact.php can't be located.

function callcontact() {

function contact_send() {
/* A contact form was submitted */
// load the form validation library

// setup validation rules on form fields
$this->form_validation->set_rules('name', 'Name', 'trim|required');
$this->form_validation->set_rules('phone', 'Phone', 'trim|required');
$this->form_validation->set_rules('email', 'Email Address', 'trim|required|valid_email');
$this->form_validation->set_rules('reason', 'Reason for contact request', 'trim|required|');

// run form validation
if($this->form_validation->run() == FALSE)
// form failed to validate so pass the errors to flashdata
// and then return user to form
$this->session->set_flashdata('errors', validation_errors());
} else {
// validator has passed - compile the email
$messagebody = "Name: ";
$messagebody .= $name = $this->input->post('name');
$messagebody .= "<br>Phone: ";
$messagebody .= $email = $this->input->post('phone');
$messagebody .= "<br>E-Mail: ";
$messagebody .= $email = $this->input->post('email');
$messagebody .= "<br>Reason: ";
$messagebody .= $email = $this->input->post('reason');
$msg_subject = 'Contact Form Request';
$msg_valid_send = 'Thank you for your contact request';
$msg_error_send = 'Contact form message did not process properly';
/* Validation&Message; construction are done */
/* send the message to Staff */
// create array to store smtp values
$config = Array(
'protocol' => $this->config->item('smtp_protocol'),
'smtp_host' => $this->config->item('smtp_host'),
'smtp_port' => $this->config->item('smtp_port'),
'smtp_user' => $this->config->item('smtp_user'),
'smtp_pass' => $this->config->item('smtp_pass'),
'mailtype' => $this->config->item('smtp_mailtype'),
'charset' => $this->config->item('smtp_charset'),
'recipient' => $this->config->item('smtp_recipient'));

// load the email library class
$this->load->library('email', $config);

// set to, from, message, etc

// attempt to send the email
if ($result = $this->email->send()) {
$message = $msg_valid_send;
} else {
$message = $msg_error_send;

$this->session->set_flashdata('messagestatus', $message);

// send user back to the appropriate form

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